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The anti-spying cell phone case guarantees a tap-proof cell phone as well as data protection... more
Product information "Ewall anti-spying diplomatic case"
The anti-spying cell phone case guarantees a tap-proof cell phone as well as data protection
Economic espionage, cell phone viruses, eavesdropping modules and even much more are unsettling our population and forcing cell phone users to keep an eye on their sensitive cell phone data or private conversations. Concerning this, a tap-proof cell phone can take remedial action by ensuring more security while talking to someone on the phone. The anti-spying cell phone case from eWall guarantees data protection and protects your privacy from external influences of any kind.
After having locked your device entirely, you do not need to worry any longer about foreigners getting access to your phone – instead, any data traffic is going to be interrupted and no hacking of your phone will be possible.
There are hackers, governments or even other institutions that are threatening our data protection. Some companies even make money by using user data and often work on ingenious ways to spy on us. Even governments do not back away from our privacy, but nowadays rather invest in a software that helps them to spy on us, as the whistleblower Edward Snowden has proven. States spy on their citizens on a large scale and even go cross-border. It does not matter if you are a friend or an enemy – complete control without any exceptions seems to be the new motto. But how can one be able to fight such powerful opponents? By using eWall’s anti-spying cell phone case, you can protect your electronic devices and thus, get a higher level of safety. This means that any unwanted access to your phone is going to be prevented by means of groundbreaking technology.

Modern technology for better data protection
By means of radio waves in different frequency ranges hackers are able to have access to your smartphone without even making you notice. This might happen within seconds and often times there is no way to prove what has actually happened to your phone. Anyways, if you might notice that your data has been stolen or your conversation has been eavesdropped, it might be still too late for you to repair the damage. Technology is giving illegal companies more and more opportunities to develop. But simply getting a tap-proof cell phone might not be enough for you to protect yourself. Even Angela Merkel has become the victim of espionage, when the US administration eavesdropped on her phone calls. The tap-proof cell phone case from eWall puts an end to espionage and protects cell phone owners from any external access. Easily and fast you can put your smartphone in your pocket and let it rest there securely locked. The highly developed inner material shields from any radiation and thus, prevents any possible data traffic. Besides, the anti-spying cell phone case has been developed according to latest standards and can be easily carried around in the pockets of your trousers or jackets. There, it acts as an unscalable retaining wall, which cannot be passed by possible attackers. Since we like to carry around our cell phones all the time and take them everywhere we go, it might be worth putting the cell phone into the tap-proof cell phone case from eWall, even when the phone is not being used. Only thus, it can be guaranteed that nobody is getting hold of your data and misuses your personal information.
But creating a safe environment for a tap-proof cell phone sounds a lot easier than it actually is. On each single day, the means of technology for hackers are developing further. Thus, it is very important for us to keep track of these developments and to bring ourselves up to date on a constant basis. As a result, the high level of security of the eWall tap-proof cell phone case has been checked and guaranteed by respected scientists. Moreover, it is the focus on a full protection that makes our cases that successful. If each single output is completely shrouded with the according safety material, there will be no way for hackers to steal any of the phone’s data. To be able to make this protection remain valid on a long-term basis, we focus on a high standard of quality all the time, when developing our products. Defects in material and a poor quality would lead to faults of the system and would destroy the protection power of a tap-proof cell phone. We are only producing our products in Germany and are checking our goods constantly. Thus, we ensure you to get first-class products directly delivered by the manufacturer.
Pure innovation – Tap-proof cell phone cases

Anti-spying cell phone cases are no longer empty dreams, but have been part of the market for quite a long time. Progresses in technology have led to this breakthrough and made people less worry about data theft. When developing our products, we rely on our professional knowledge, our experiences and our inventive minds. Also, safety and customer convenience are really important for us.
On the inside, the tap-proof cell phone case offers a sixfold radiation protection and shielding. On the outside, the anti-spying cell phone case is made out of artificial leather, which draws the right amount of attention to a simple, but still modern design. The size of the case is 17 cm x 9,5 cm, so even bigger smartphones will fit easily into the case. The core element of the tap-proof cell phone case is the innovative inner lining. It consists of a custom-built fabric with a silver gear, which contributes to the radiation protection. Signals such as WLAN, GPS, GSM, LTE and BT-Service will be prevented (up to 3 GHz). Thus, you do not need to worry about the protection of your data any longer, when you are carrying around your phone in your cell phone case. Besides that, the inner lining is free of any sharp edges or anything else that might damage or dirty the surface of your phone. When judging the tap-proof cell phone case only by its cover, it will look just like any regular phone case. But secretly your phone case will fight any hacker, so that only you can determine who is going to have access to your data and who is not!
Usually, modern technology goes far beyond people’s power of imagination. When your phone gets attacked by a damaging software, it can be pretty hard to fix the damage. Often times, people do not even notice that their phones have been hacked. Instead, they think their phone is broken and instantly try to fix it by simply turning it off. But unfortunately, this alone will not help. Trojan horses or malware on the smartphone are misleading phone owners by faking perfectly real mobile functions, which will even work in the offline mode. The only way to protect your phone securely is to use an anti-spying cell phone case. It might look small and inconspicuous, but its effects will help you being always one step ahead. Do also not trust in any random protective program that pretends to help. Each day, a thousand of new viruses are congesting the market. This makes it hardly impossible for an anti-virus program to react and to provide the full amount of protection.
Use your chance and get yourself a safe and comfortable cell phone case for your mobile. We will help you with your tap-proof phone and effectively prevent any data theft. Not matter whether economic espionage, private data theft or any other criminal operation – when using our tap-proof cell phone case you will be safe. Moreover, the case offers protection against dropping your phone or any external damages – all in all a perfect way to protect your phone!
Carefree data traffic - Made in Germany
The anti-spying cell phone case meets the requirements of current safety standards. This is what leading checking facilities say. According to the report of Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Peter Pauli from the engineering office for high-frequency, microwaves and radar technology the tap-proof cell phone case offers a full protection against any external access. In terms of shielding effectiveness the main material being used (a metallized fleece) hits numbers like 110 dB, when measuring the cell phone frequencies. This means, that even the most sensitive measurement devices will not be able to find a signal outside of your trousers’ pockets. Thus, your phone’s data will be protected fully and cannot get stolen by any means.
With the anti-spying cell phone case from eWall you will set new standards in terms of safety and convenience. The case makes it possible for you to lock your smartphone securely and protects your phone against any external influences. Also, the tap-proof cell phone case can be used for private as well as business reasons. Even professional attacks by economic espionage are no longer a threat. When it comes to protecting your smartphone, you should only trust in eWall – the expert for your smartphone’s safety.

Die Anti-Spionage Diplomatentasche wird aus folgenden Materialien... more

Die Anti-Spionage Diplomatentasche wird aus folgenden Materialien hergestellt:


  • robustes, strapazierfähiges Polyester


  • Spezial angefertigtes Abschirmgewebe mit Silberausrüstung für 6-fachen Strahlenschutz bis 3 GHz (wirkt wir eine 10m Sicherheits-Stahlbetonwand)
Außenmaß der Tasche: 17 x 9,5 cm more

Außenmaß der Tasche:

17 x 9,5 cm

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Customer evaluation for "Ewall anti-spying diplomatic case"
24 Apr 2020

„Bin begeistert! Unsere Handys sind nun sicher in denn Taschen verstaut. Endlich können wir uns wieder entspannt über nicht Mainstream konforme Themen unterhalten. Auch toll, dass die Tasche abhörsicher ist und damit die Spracherkennungsprogramme von uns

„Bin begeistert! Unsere Handys sind nun sicher in denn Taschen verstaut. Endlich können wir uns wieder entspannt über nicht Mainstream konforme Themen unterhalten. Auch toll, dass die Tasche abhörsicher ist und damit die Spracherkennungsprogramme von uns nicht mehr gefüttert werden. Eine gute Sache in Zeiten von Überwachung, Restriktion und Kontrolle. Vielen Dank!“

25 Oct 2018

Habe überlegt, ob ich diesen Betrag investieren möchte, doch die Wirkung ist tatsächlich optimal. Ich bin zwar kein Diplomat, doch aktiv für ein sehr heikles Thema (Aufdeckung Verfolgung von Falun Gong in China) ehrenamtlich tätig. Da ist es sehr dienlich, eine solche abhörsichere Handytasche zu haben - Chinas Abhörsystem muss ja nicht mithören... Danke auch hier für das sehr gute Produkt.

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