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Gr. L: 15 x 7,5 cm. z.B iPhone 4 und ähnliche
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Gr. XXL: 17 x 9,5 cm z.B. iPhone Plus und ähnliche

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Today, living in a world where there is no such thing as a smartphone, is no longer imaginable.... more
Product information "The eWall cell phone radiation protection case"
Today, living in a world where there is no such thing as a smartphone, is no longer imaginable. People of all ages like to carry around these little devices each and every day. The only time you might find them putting down their phones is when they are fast asleep. Due to this, a cell phone radiation protection case has many advantages and protects the human body from electromagnetic radiation that might be dangerous. Radio and WLAN waves are going to be sent from your smartphone constantly. But especially when you are talking on the phone or when there is some active data traffic going on, one can notice an increase of the measured values, which might be dangerous for your health.  The company eWall has specialized in radiation protection and produces radiation protection products of high quality.
Usually, we like to carry our smartphones close to our bodies. Unfortunately, this implies that we are exposing ourselves directly to damaging electromagnetic radiation. When we are putting our phone close to our head in order to take a phone call, things get even worse. In this case, sensitive parts of our brain get hit by mobile radiation, which might cause lasting harm on the brain. The frightening thing is that it is not the power of radiation that is dangerous – what really matters is its intensity. Especially our new generation is threatened: Nowadays even little children already have their own smartphones and expose their bodies to radiation at a very early age. As time passes, radiation can have serious impacts on our minds and thoughts. Headaches, intensity, inner unrest, ADHD as well as epileptic seizures could be some out of many consequential damages that result from being exposed to mobile radiation on a daily basis. In order to prevent, you should carry your phone all the time in a cell phone radiation protection case.
Source of danger – Mobile radiation
A cell phone radiation protection case prevents the human body from getting exposed to harming electromagnetic radiation that is sent by cell phones. There are some people who state that there is actually a connection between radiation and the development of tumors of the brain. Especially those who have to make a lot of phone calls on their mobiles should get a cell phone case radiation protection case to protect their bodies. Although, there is no long-term study which deals with consequential damages due to mobile radiation, it is still scientifically proven that radiation has some highly questionable effects on the human body. Short periods of electromagnetic radiation are not life-threatening, but being exposed to radiation on a daily basis might be quite damaging. More and more people are suffering from illnesses such as ADHD and epilepsy without exactly knowing what is triggering their symptoms. In these cases, mobile radiation could be a possible factor – especially when we keep in mind that scientists have been warning against mobile radiation for quite a long time. But there might be help for all of us who do not want to give up on their smartphones. The eWall cell phone radiation protection case protects the body permanently against the majority of radiation without restricting the phone’s functioning. According to the motto “safety first” each and every person should take precaution. Especially children and teenagers whose brains are still growing can benefit from the cell phone radiation protection case and thus, prevent serious damages to their bodies. But even adults should take care of their health und protect themselves against electromagnetic radiation by means of a cell phone radiation protection case.
Ordinary clothing made out of polyester, wool or any other material does not show any impacts on mobile radiation. Even multiple layers of clothing will not make any difference. In order to be able to protect your body from radiation, you need a special fabric. This one could actually be sewed in your common clothing, but let’s be serious: None of us would like to spend a fortune on customized clothing. The cell phone radiation protection case from eWall is a cost-effective alternative, which not only helps you to protect your phone against scratches, but also protects your body from dangerous radiation. The majority of radiation will be shield so that you can use your smartphone without having to worry about any health damage. The cell phone case has a modern and handy design. Moreover, its slim shape fits into every pocket and can be stowed away easily. No matter what, the case’s radiation protection will remain at any time!
A cell phone case radiation protection case: Safety first
eWall is one of the leading companies when it comes to the development and production of cell phone radiation protection cases. Since 2007 our experts have been working on the design of modern measures of protection. Those protection measures are used for our innovative cell phone cases to make smartphones safe. Our company develops and produces our products only in Germany. By doing so, we guarantee a high standard of quality at any time.
The functioning of the cell phone radiation protection case is geared to the needs of its users. There are two different cases available – an inside as well as an outside case. The outside case blocks 80-95% of the harming radiation and thus guarantees a maximum of safety. The inside case on the other hand works well for transporting your phone safely. The outside case can be used easily for making phone calls on your mobile. All you need to do is to flip over the phone case in order to use your phone’s control panel and to dial numbers, write emails and so on. During your phone call there is a constant protection case between your head and phone. Thus, the majority of radiation can be blocked. Your phone’s signal quality or sound lever will not be influenced negatively at any time. The flexible construction of the case enables a simple and convenient use. Also, the inner lining of the cell phone radiation protection case is designed in a way that helps to protect your smartphone from splashing water and dirt. Besides that, there is no reason for you to worry about possible scratches or damages to your mobile. The cell phone case is made out of soft fabrics, which will be very gentle to the surface of your phone.
With our cell phone radiation protection case we do not only set new standards in terms of safety and technical ingenuity, but we also convince our customers with our cases’ modern design and great look. According to your own wishes you can choose a cell phone case in whatever color you like best. At the very top of the cell phone case there is also a karabiner, which contributes to a nice wearing comfort.  The outer material consists of 68% polyester and 32% cotton. This way, the case feels warm and soft on the skin. The inner material on the other hand convinces with technical details. A special fabric with silver threads provides a full protection from radiation. All in all, the cell phone radiation protection case has a great design, which convinces the young and the old and also ensures total safety.
eWall cell phone cases: Products right from the manufacturer
Being a developer, a producer and a salesman all in one, we make sure that our customers get our products right from a single source. eWall takes care of the whole communication and selling process and thus establishes an optimal confidence base between customer and manufacturer. For several years we have been developing innovative safety products for the final user. At any time, we put our focus on materials of high quality, trained employees and an inventive mind. The cell phone radiation protection case has been checked and approved by scientists of the Bundeswehr University Munich. There, numerous approaches were taken to find security gaps as well as an increased radiation level. By means of highly elaborated testing procedures we could finally ensure the high safety level of our products. But in order to be able to guarantee a high level of quality on a constant basis, each day our products pass several further controls to make sure that they fit modern standards.
In terms of mobile radiation eWall is the right partner for your safety and control. Now, it is possible to make phone calls without having to worry about potentially damages to our bodies. Trust in our abilities and set new standards in terms of your safety and the protection of your health. With our cell phone radiation protection case you can use your smartphone without having  to accept any dangers.
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Die eWall Handytasche mit Strahlenschutz besteht aus folgenden... more

Die eWall Handytasche mit Strahlenschutz besteht aus folgenden Materialien:

Außen Samtvelours aus:


  • Polyester


  • Silbergarn
Die  eWall Handytasche  mit  Strahlenschutz  bekommen... more

Die eWall Handytasche mit Strahlenschutz bekommen Sie in folgenden Größen:

  •  L (15 cm x 7,5 cm)
  • XL (16 cm x 8,5 cm)
  • XXL (17 cm  x 9,5 cm)

Messen Sie daher bitte Ihr Telefon vorher genau aus, damit sie auch die richtige Größe der eWall Handytasche mit Strahlenschutz geliefert bekommen.

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Customer evaluation for "The eWall cell phone radiation protection case"
27 Apr 2020

Sehr schöne Tasche

Sehr schöne Tasche (XL), passt perfekt für mein Huawei Honor 6x. Die Hör- bzw. Sprachqualität wird wirklich nicht beeinträchtigt. Perfekt wäre die Tasche mit einem kleinen Gummi an der Aussentasche, damit man zusätzlich einen kleinen sicheren Halt für das Handy hat. Ansonsten top. Strahlungstechnisch kann ich noch nicht viel sagen, da ich mein Handy eh möglichst nicht am Körper trage...der Langzeittest wird's zeigen :).

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