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Laptop radiation protection: innovative and convenient Most of us already have said... more
Product information "eWall anti-radiation laptop bag, black"
Laptop radiation protection: innovative and convenient

Most of us already have said goodbye to those large and heavy computers that cannot be displaced and instead prefer using laptops that are light in weight, but still efficient. eWall has developed a modern and trendy laptop bag which meets the demands of safety-conscious customers. The laptop bag can be used for different purposes und has a lot of additional functions.
Laptops are one of the most popular inventions of the age of information. Almost everyone owns one of the fancy and handy minicomputers. These can be used everywhere without any problems – at the workplace, in the kitchen, on the lap in the living room, in the train, on one’s way to work. Most of the time we simply place our laptops right on our lap. But by doing so, we are confronted directly by laptop radiation. Although short periods of laptop radiation might be less dangerous for our body, we have exposed and even will be exposing ourselves to radiation for many years. Scientists fear that this radiation exposure might be way too high for us. In the long run, WLAN and Bluetooth radiation could cause serious illnesses like epilepsy, ADHD and much more. eWall offers modern anti-radiation laptop bags, which not only protects notebooks from external damages, but also shield any radiation that might be harmful for the human body.
The eWall anti-radiation laptop bag – Innovation being redefined
Anti-radiation laptop bags are rare. For this reason, eWall has created an innovative laptop protection bag that combines full safety and convenience. The safety case is made out of high-class leather and functions as any other customary laptop bag. All you have to do is to put your laptop in the opening of the bag and afterwards lock it with the magnetic clasp. In this way, you will protect your device from any dirt our possible damages, just like you would when using any other random laptop bag. What makes our products different though, is the inner lining. It is made out of a special fabric that shields any radiation. Moreover, it prevents any unwanted data-traffic. Thus, it will be impossible for hackers or even economy espionage to get access to your laptop. The laptop bag was created in order to shield any radiation and functions as some sort of safe. For this reason, not only private customers are interested in purchasing such a laptop bag. It is also used in the economic sector, where it helps to protect sensitive and private data records from any possible cyberattacks. Anyways, the anti-radiation laptop bag does not only provide protection from radiation and cyberattacks, it also secures the laptop from dirt, splashing water and any further damages. The outer material is made out of a gentle leather and offers a nice cushioning.
Trusting in eWall equals trusting in quality made in Germany. Latest tests from 2017 confirm the high safety level of the anti-radiation laptop bag. At an engineering office for high-frequency, microwaves and radar technology our laptop bag has been checked for its safety. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Peter Pauli from the Bundeswehr University Munich has developed any kind of testing procedure that is required to guarantee the high quality and safety level of the laptop bag. In this way, we managed to find out that the eWall anti-radiation laptop bag minimizes the number of radiation that hits our body by a factor of 1:250.000. It is our product that makes this incredible decrease possible. When getting an anti-radiation laptop bag, you do not need to worry any longer about any radiation damage, but rather be able to work on your notebook without having to take any risks. Also, the high quality of our products and materials promise strong stability and durability. “Made in Germany” stands for high quality and safe product features, which meet the demands of our customers and leave nothing to chance.
Modern design meets innovative safety concept
The eWall anti-radiation laptop bag looks like a modern and stylish laptop bag and addresses laptop owners who want to take care of their health and safety. When designing our products, we always make sure to conform to the norm and have specialized in combining innovative designs with groundbreaking technology. At first sight, you might see an ordinary laptop bag, but this is just right. The technology is hidden in the inner lining where it cannot be registered by laymen. In this way, we guarantee the safety of your laptop without drawing any unwanted attention to it.
Our anti-radiation laptop bag offers special convenience for its users. The handy construction of the bag makes it possible for you to use your laptop without any restrictions and with a high level of radiation protection, even when you put your laptop right on your lap. All you have to do is to use the outside of your notebook bag as some sort of coaster to protect your body from any laptop radiation. In addition to that you can also put the cover flap of the leather case in front of your tummy, so that all your important organs are fully protected from any harming electromagnetic radiation. Thus, you are able to make sure that your body is protected from radiation all the time wherever you go and take your laptop bag. Most ordinary laptop bags only protect the laptop, but the anti-radiation laptop bag from eWall also protects your body.
During the development of the bag’s design, our experts relied on modern technology. The outer shell of the bag consists of high-quality leather and reflects a modern and trendy design. When taking a look at the inside of the bag, we can find quite a complicated structure that is made out of a special material which has a special fabric with a silver gear, to protect the bag from any radiation. When using the laptop bag daily, it is important that you watch out for any pointy items in your bag, since these might damage the bag’s fabric and its protection against hackers. Nevertheless, any customary laptop and tablet PC up to 16 inches of any version and brand should fit easily into the bag without damaging its special fabric. The inner lining of the bag will protect your laptop from scratches, dirt and any further damages.
eWall – The expert for safety products

eWall combines efficiency and functionality with modern designs. The anti-radiation laptop bag meets the specific standards of a demanding customer. Since 2007 our experts have been studying each and every detail of data and radiation protection. We are one of the leading companies in the field of product development, health, radiation protection and safety. Each day, we work on and keep track of the latest technical innovations on the market. In this way, we are able to keep our products up-to-date and make them as safe as possible. The eWall anti-radiation laptop bag is the perfect companion for each and every laptop and tablet PC. The safety bag is modern, stylish, multifunctional and also affordable. Sit back, take things easy and let us do the rest – with us you will be in good hands.
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