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RFID protecting-wallet – the most effective anti-hacking wallet for cars that use the... more
Product information "eWall "Keyless-Go" anti-theft leather-wallet"
RFID protecting-wallet – the most effective anti-hacking wallet for cars that use the keyless-go system!

Nowadays, modern cars have radio transmitters, which allow car owners to unlock their cars from a further distance. Especially most of the new cars on the market do not come any longer with old-fashioned car keys, but instead respond to car keys with radio transmitters. These store all data that is needed to unlock your car’s doors. If you want to protect yourself from any unwanted access, you should purchase a RFID-wallet. In this way, it will be possible for you to shield all signals and to prevent any external access. Make sure that you are the only one, who can unlock your car and get access to it.
Car thefts are happening on a daily basis. Especially new cars often get stolen by thieves, since these cars can be unlocked and started with some simple technical hacks. Unfortunately, it is the car’s innovative safety concept that becomes a problem, since the radio transmitter inside the key can easily be hacked. Thus, the unique code of the car’s key can get figured out without even having to stand close to it. Hackers do not even need your car keys any more to unlock your car and drive off. All they need to do is to push some buttons to be able to open your car. Since there have not been any proper solutions offered by car companies yet, a lot of people try to consult experts, who have been developing special safety products to fight this problem. A RFID-blocking wallet by eWall will help you to protect your car keys from any external access and will keep your data safe. Do not let your car get stolen, but rather put a stop to car thieves’ activities.
Groundbreaking technology for your car keys
Nowadays, car thieves operate in a more subtle way by making use of technical cleverness. For this reason, it is important that we take every precaution that enables us to be one step ahead. When getting the eWall’s RFID-blocking wallet, you do not need to worry any longer about your car’s safety. On the outside, the leather wallet looks just like any other regular one. But on the inside, you can find a highly elaborated protective system, which blocks any external access. A special fabric that includes a silver gear acts as some sort of safety net, which shields any kind of radiation and prevents unwanted data traffic. For this reason, it will be no longer possible for car thieves to hack your car keys simply by using radio waves and figuring out signal sources. Though it might sound simple, this kind of protection works fast and effectively. Even the ADAC Test Center recommends using a RFID-blocking wallet, especially when keeping in mind that car companies do not offer any other solutions. In 2015, 20.000 cars have been stolen in Germany, the majority being new cars, which promise large profits to the thieves. The fact that these cars can be unlocked wireless, is what makes them attractive to hackers. Of course, there are also many advantages that come with those so-called „Keyless-Go-Systems“.  But we cannot deny that there is a huge disadvantage to these systems, which cannot be ignored as long as there is no solution to prevent a possible data theft. With the eWall RFID-blocking wallet you will be remaining on the safe side by achieving new safety standards.
It has been officially proven by Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Peter Pauli from the engineering office for high-frequency, microwaves and radar technology of the Bundeswehr University Munich that RFID-wallets function effectively and properly. During a full check-up, each and every possible way to figure out the car keys’ data have been checked. Our wallet could manage to fulfill each test’s minimum requirement and passed the whole check-up with outstanding results. Especially the high quality of the used materials has to be mentioned. It guarantees the wallet’s long durability and prevents damages on the protective fabrics. Nevertheless, pointy items should not be placed directly into the wallet, since those might cause some damages. However, ordinary key cars can be put safely into the wallet without any further problems. When choosing eWall, you rely on innovative technology by experts, who make your car keys theft-proof again.
Modern RFID-blocking wallets from a single source
Developing the eWall RFID-blocking wallet means exploring new ways in terms of safety and design. For years, our experts have been creating even better and safer designs, so that your car keys can always meet the highest requirements, when it comes to your car’s safety. We like to put our focus on a trendy, but at the same time neutral look of our products, so that there is no possible way for hackers to figure out what they are dealing with.
Our wallets are “Made in Germany“ and address each regular customer. The wallet’s design might look ordinary at first sight, but it is still very modern. The blocking-wallet from eWall consists of elegant black calf leather and guarantees high quality. Even the seams are getting applied in a professional and careful way. Thus, any security gap and possible damages caused by defects in material are going to be prevented right from the start. The inner lining of the wallet is super soft and prevents any scratches or damages on the surface of your keys. The special fabric used to shield any radiation is made out of innovative silver alloy, which is a special metal that blocks any RFID, NFC and radio waves. Certainly, you cannot use your car keys as long as they are locked in the leather RFDI-wallet, but when you take them out of the wallet you can use them in a normal way. The special fabric of the wallet as well as its technology do not have any negative influences on your keys. Your keys’ radio waves are only sealed for a limited amount of time in the wallet. The RFDI-blocking wallet can be taken everywhere without attracting any unwanted attention and without giving hackers hints.
The design of the RFID-wallet is quite simple. Still, you can notice how valuable the leather is and how carefully single product details have been integrated. On one side, there is a small tag, on which you can attach further keys such as your front door key, your key to your apartment or any other kind of key. The wallet can be opened easily on its upper opening, so that you can put your car keys quickly into the wallet and later pull them out again without any trouble. After you have locked the wallet, any possible data traffic is stopped and your keys will be safe. The RFDI-blocking wallet is the perfect solution for safety-conscious car drivers. With this simple, elegant and effective product nothing can get into your way any longer.
eWall – Someone to rely on
eWall can be considered a specialist, when it comes to data protection. Our latest product, the RFDI-blocking wallet, sets modern standards in car safety. Since many years now, we have been noticing an increasing number of car thefts partly due to the modernization of the car industry. But each of us, who do not want to go without the convenience of an innovative new car, can improve his or her car’s safety by simply using a RFDI-blocking wallet. Our development department works and researches according to current standards and tests our products on a regular basis. 7 layers of a special metallized fleece enable a shielding of 117 dB. In addition to that, each frequency range up to 3 GHz is covered. No matter if we have to deal with signals of mobile communications, UMTS, GPS, Bluetooth or WLAN – our leather wallet will securely protect you from any possible harm.

Our products meet highest standards and satisfy the needs of their users. When using one of our products you can rely on 100% protection from manipulation, locating and external access. This we guarantee by relying on our professional knowledge and know-how. The RDFI-blocking wallet takes a further step towards a high safety level and arouses supporters’ enthusiasm again.  Relying on eWall means trusting in quality made in Germany, which stands for premium designs and strong inventive minds.
Die eWall Anti RFID Schlüsseltasche  besteht aus folgenden... more

Die eWall Anti RFID Schlüsseltasche besteht aus folgenden Materialien:

  • Außen: echtes Leder (Kalbsleder)
  • Innen: eWall
Die  eWall Anti RFID Schlüsseltasche  bekommen Sie in folgenden... more

Die eWall Anti RFID Schlüsseltasche bekommen Sie in folgenden Größen:

  • 8,5 cm x 11 cm

​Messen Sie daher bitte Ihren Autoschlüssel vorher genau aus, damit sie auch die richtige Größe der eWall Anti RFID Schlüsseltasche geliefert bekommen

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